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Conflict and Perspective Reading Guide: Note-Taking

Things to consider

Decide a note-taking method that works for you. Remember: 

  • Skim and scan to identify if the source (newspaper, magazine or journal article etc.) is going to be helpful to you.
  • Once it has been identified then close reading and understanding is required to identify sections within the source you can use to support your argument/assignment.
  • You will then need to paraphrase. This helps you understand the material. Do not paraphrase more than 3 or 4 sentences at a time. Make sure you are paraphrasing one idea at a time in your own words.
  • Make sure you can identify and cite every idea you paraphrase.
  • When deciding on a note-taking method. It is a good idea to also include the citation and direct quote from the original source so that so that you can go back and review if needed.

The Research Question

Research DataCatcher - A Place to Put All YOUR Research


Access the Research DataCatcher - this will create a copy of this document in your Google Drive. You can rename it and off you go. The first entry is an example for you, that shows how you can use this document. You should be able to collect ALL of your research notes, citations, images, and anything else that will support your work on this single document that can then be used to create your project/paper.  For more information contact Mr. Bell -


Mind Maps

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