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Dealing with World Conflict: Home


Chess Pieces . Chess Pieces  Chess Pieces

Who, What, When, Where.............WHY?


You are a political analyst working for a news network, for example the BBC, CNN or ALJAZEERA, preparing for  an news program titled "Dealing with World Conflict". While researching your conflict and are developing talking pints to education other about that conflict with potential solutions.

Potential Conflicts could include:  US-Cuba, Disputed South China Sea Islands, Afghanistan, Iran, Somali Pirates, Preah Vihear Temple, North Korea with South Korea & the West, Falkland Islands, India/Pakistan-Kashmir, or choose one of your own you'd like to investigate

Part One - Decide on Conflict



1) How are you going to collect and organize your information?  

Digital Note Cards

2) A good place to find information on a conflict are encyclopedias which provide excellent background information.

 Encyclopedia Britannica

 World Geography & Culture

Part Two - Digging Deeper

1) Now that you know your topic you can dig deeper into the issue keeping in mind the following and how these areas have influenced the conflict:

  • History
  • Stakeholders
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Peace Attempts
  • External Influences

2) Resources

 Issues & Controversies

 Modern World History 


Links to Newspaper Sites from the Library Website

Part Three - Citing / Paraphrasing

1) Remember to cite all your sources

  • Link to Library Citation Page
  • DatabaseS provide the correct MLA citations - check citation icon

2) Paraphrasing Tips