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Connections Past & Present: Home


Learning from the Past

Class One


  • Humans view themselves differently during different periods of time (Identity & Diversity)
  • Studying the past helps us understand how the world has changed and how it might change in the future  (Interdependence)
  • Create and use questions to guide research. (Inquiry & Research)
  • Determine key ideas and details in text-- summarizing/paraphrasing and citing evidence (Communication)

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*Friday: Current Event presentations

1. Padlet: What objects are you curious about and why?

2. Quickwrite: Tech Then and Now

3. Step One of Research Proposal

4. Exit Ticket: HAL

Step One: What objects are you curious about? (They will get their own copy of this on Google Classroom, so they don't need to make a copy of this.)


Asking Questions