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Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Home



Your goal is to pick a natural disaster such as an Earthquake, Volcano or Tsunami and research one of the following:

A) Warningearly warning/detection systems

B) Rescue: new rescue or relief procedures

C) Prevention: anti-earthquake, tsunami or volcanoes technologies

Product: Create a poster, pamphlet/brochure or infographic to present up-to-date information on your findings

Library Schedule

A) Was your last Google Slideshow created with key design elements?

Reflect/Review your past Tsunami Project for the following design elements: Font, Color, Bullet Points, Theme and Quality of Graphics

B) How will you collect and Organize your Information?

  • DATA CATCHER - Go to your Google classroom.

C) What kind of information do you need?

Background information

  • Enc. Britannica

What is happening now?

  • Website - Specific
  • YouTube - Specific

D) Identify Keywords/Phrases to summarize the information.

Once you have identified a source, in-depth reading for understanding is required.


  • Cite the source at the beginning so you don't forget later and can trace the information back to the origin.
  • Identify information in the source to support your project.
  • Remember everything you use needs to be traced back to the original source.



Why Summarize?

To reduce information to main ideas

To understand and learn important information

Summarizing Tip.............

.....tell me what I need to know but keep it BRIEF!

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