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Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Home


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Each of you has been hired as a consultant to the President/Prime Minister of a specific country to give geologic advice about:

  • The types of catastrophic events and geologic formations in the country
  • The history and recent geologic events in the country
  • The various hazards and the potential effect the events have on living things
  • The technologies available that could save living things

Your Job

  • Select a region of the world from the options provided LINK
  • Research the crust type and plate boundary in your selected region
  • Research and explain the main geological even and formations caused by plate. movements in the area, and explain how they happen.
  • Research a brief history of major geological events in the area
  • Find out about recent seismic activity in the area LINK
  • Choose at least ONE (1) type of natural disaster that occurs there (earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanoes) and research the possible hazards associated with that type of disaster.
  • Research technologies available for that type of disaster and suggest ways to save living things: Warning, Rescue, and/or Prevention 
  • WARNING: Early warning/detection systems or earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanic eruptions.
  • RESCUE: Rescue or relief procedures after an earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption as already occurred.
  • PREVENTION: Anti-earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption technologies available.


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Why Summarize?

To reduce information to main ideas
To understand and learn important information

Summarizing Tip.............

.....tell me what I need to know but keep it BRIEF!


Earthquakes Hazards Program





  • Your final product will include images - you can copy and paste images into your Research Notecard. 

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  • Click on the controls on the bottom right- CC put closed captions on - so you can read and listen AND/OR slow down the speed