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Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Home



Your goal is to pick a natural disaster such as an Earthquake, Volcano or Tsunami and research one of the following:

A) Warning: early warning/detection systems

B) Rescue: new rescue or relief procedures

C) Prevention: anti-earthquake, tsunami or volcanoes technologies

Product: Create a poster, pamphlet/brochure or infographic to present up-to-date information on your findings



  • Your final product will include images - you can copy and paste images into your Research Notecard. 

YouTube Clips

  • Click on the controls on the bottom right- CC put closed captions on - so you can read and listen AND/OR slow down the speed

Library Schedule

Day 1: Intro, planning, and start researching your topic

A) How will you collect and organize information?

  • Research Card - Example
  • Research Card - Go to your Google classroom.

B) What kind of information do you need?


Background information

  • Enc. Britannica

In-depth and/or current information?

  • Website - Specific
  • YouTube - Specific

Day 2: Continue your research

C) Identify Keywords/Phrases to summarize the information.

Once you have identified a source, in-depth reading for understanding is required.


  • Cite the source at the beginning so you don't forget later and can trace the information back to the origin.
  • Identify information in the source to support your project.
  • Remember everything you use needs to be traced back to the original source.

Day 3: Continue research, and begin planning/designing your project

Day 4: Complete putting your project together

Day 5: Present your project in class to two other students




Canva Templates

  • Posters
  • Infograpics
  • TriFold Brochures


Image result for image for summary

Why Summarize?

To reduce information to main ideas

To understand and learn important information

Summarizing Tip.............

.....tell me what I need to know but keep it BRIEF!