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1. Overdrive 2. LoyalBooks 3. Storynory (also for kids) 4. Librivox 5. Lit2Go 6. Project Gutenberg 7. Podiobooks 8. Thought Audio 9. OpenCulture 10. MindWebs


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Free Images, Copyright, And Creative Commons: A Simple Guide For Students And Teachers

Historical Scene Investigation

HSI presents students with historical cases to "crack" through the use of evidence found in the form of primary source documents.
There are thirteen cases in which students analyze "clues" found in primary sources in order to form a conclusion to each investigation. For example, in the case of The Boston Massacre students have to decide if justice was served. HSI provides students with "case files" on which they record the evidence they find in the primary source documents and images they are provided. HSI provides templates for students to use to record observations from the evidence.

HSI. produced by the College of William & Mary School of Education, University of Kentucky School of Education, and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program. My video overview of HSI is embedded below.


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Google | Search Education

A series of lessons to help you guide your students to use search meaningfully in their schoolwork and beyond


School Design - The Science of Classroom Design

Fake News

MS Book Room

There are over 500 different titles in the MS Book Room.  Please review this list in Excel to find out how many copies of each title in a variety of formats we have in the MS Book Room. In order to find out where multiple copies of a particular title are located in the school and whether they are available for use or checked out search either Destiny Discover or Destiny Classic below.

Please contact the library if you need any assistance.