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The Migration Experience


You are an internationally-renowned expert on the migrant and refugee experience.  You have been invited to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) conference on supporting migrants and refugees in the destination country. 

During the conference, you will:

  • Bring awareness to the migrant/refugee experience
  • Note the successes and difficulties of assimilation.

Note the positive impact of migrants on the country they moved to.  How have they assimilated in an impactful way?




Class 1

Exploration of Choices. The Migration Experience Summative Assessment

-Create Research questions


Class 2

Mini-Lesson: Finding sources beyond list of resources

-Find sources that help answer research questions.



Class 3

-Mini-Lesson- Iman Example: Annotating & Note cards. Can make paper note cards or digital notecards.

Annotating and note cards.


Class 4

Annotating and note cards

Class 5

Annotating and note cards

Class 6

Mini-Lesson: Iman Example: Script writing- Writing a Lead & Script Structures

Start writing script


Class 7

Mini-Lesson: Iman Example: How to write body of script? Need to answer 3 essential questions.

Write script.


Class 8

Mini-Lesson: Iman Example- Expository Conclusions

Finish script.

Peer edit script- Read it aloud.


Class 9

Peer edit script.

Mini-Lesson: Iman Example- What is appropriate visual information for your film?

Find visuals.


Class 10

-Finish script with visuals.

-Create Works Cited

Class 11

-Mini-Lesson: Iman Example- How to make film

-Start creating film.


Class 12

-Finish making film.

Class 13

-Watching films and vote

Film festival TBA.


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