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Do you have a curious mind?  Do you want to know more about how the world works? Come eat and relax while we will watch one or two educational videos per session from TED-Ed.  After each session, we will reflect and chat about what we have learned. Topics could include:


Why are cats so weird?

Who decides what art means?

How can you change someone’s mind?

Why elephants never forget.

What really happens to the plastic bottle you throw away?



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How to Participate

How to get the most out of our Ted discussions

Some 'ground rules': Guidelines can help clarify expectations and foster an environment of mutual respect and collaborative inquiry 

Sample Guidelines for Class Participation

  • Respect other's rights to hold opinions and beliefs that differ from your own
  • If you disagree - challenge the idea, not the person.
  • Be courteous
  • Don't interrupt or engage in private conversations while others are speaking.
  • Share responsibility for including all voices in the discussion.
  • Recognize that we are all still learning.  Be willing to change your perspective and make space for others to do the same.


1) Think about the Topic before we watch a clip

2) Share any predictions you may have

3) What new things did you learn?

4) Any other thoughts or wonderings you may have?


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