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Assignment Overview

1) You will be assigned a Vitamin or Mineral to ​​research eg. Calcium

2) Answer a series of research questions.

3) Create a slideshow to present this information to your peers.  The goal is to teach them about the effects of this vitamin or mineral on the human body.

Day One

1) Collection and Organization of Information?

Google Docs - Digital Notecards 

Go to Google Classroom, the Digital NoteCard has been shared with you. 

2) Where will you find your information?


Image result for encyclopedia britannica images  Enc. Britannica (background information)

Image result for infobase icon Infobase: Trial (Health Reference Center)

Image result for newsela images   Newsela

Image result for world wide web images World Wide Web

Day Two

1) Surfing the Web

BrainPOP (Internet Searching)

2) Evaluation of Web Sites 

  • AUTHORITY - Who wrote it? What are the author or organization's credentials
  • CURRENCY - When was it published or posted?  Is this important?
  • RELEVANCY- Is the information related to your topic and at the right level?
  • PURPOSE -  Is it to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade? Fact or Opinion
  • ACCURACY - Reliability, the truthfulness of content. Where does it come from? Does the author cite their sources?
  • BIAS - Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.
  • DOMAIN - Review the Domain (last 3 letters of a web address) 

Image result for image for domain web

a) 7 Impressive Ways Vitamin C Helps Your Body

b) There is More Evidence to Suggest Popular Vitamin Supplements are Essentially Useless


Tips for Effective Presentation


Top 10 Slide Show Tips

1.  Keep it Simple

2.  Limit Bullet Points & Text

3. Limit Transitions (animation)

4. Use High Quality Graphics

5. Have a Visual Theme

6. Use Appropriate Charts

7.  Use Color Well: Cool or Warm Colors (color evokes emotion)

8. Think about which Font to use

9. Use Video or Audio when appropriate

10.  Think about Slide Order


Search Tips


1) Use quotation marks to find the exact phrase eg. "vitamin c"

2) Type filetype: pdf to find more academic articles eg. filetype: pdf vitamin A

3) Copy the image url to find similar images 

4) Go to Google Image to find infographics which may help understanding - see example below


Image result for vitamina d

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