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The Arts - An Inquiry Project: Home

"Creativity Takes Courage" - Henri Matisse

The Arts



Who or what and why has this

  • artist
  • piece of art
  • artistic movement
  • play
  • actor
  • dance
  • choreographer
  • piece of music
  • composer
  • etc

Inspired YOU?

Pick a topic that you would like to dig deeper into.


1) How are you going to collect and organize your information?

  • Google Doc (create a google doc where you can keep all your research for this project)
  • ISB eNOTES (click here and make a copy) 
  • ISB eNotes (example Kehe/Bell)

2) Brainstorm one or two topics

3) Do some background reading on each

4) Decide which topic to continue researching

5) What are you going to focus on?  As you are reading about the topic you have decided on,  create a mind map to help you decide where to focus.


  • Encyclopedia Britannica (Background Knowledge)
  • Books (check out the library catalog)
  • Databases
    • Digital Theater+
    • Explora
  • Newsela (Newspaper articles)
  • YouTube 
  • WWW

Final Product

How are your going to present this information?

  • Slide show
  • Film Clip
  • Infographic
  • Presentation
  • Live Performance
  • Other


  • Keep all your information in one place so that you can easily access it.
  • Cite all your sources
  • Pick a topic that is interesting and inspiring to you!

Art - Possible Topics

Art Movement/Styles:  Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Cubism, Impressionism, Modern Art, Photo realism, Pop Art, Surrealism etc.

Famous Artists: Andy Warhol, Jackson, Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh Leonardo da Vinci, Matisse, Michaelangelo etc.

Art Medium: Collage, Batick, Mural, Mosaic, Pottery, Pastel, Photography, Screen Printing, Sculpture, Tempera, Woodblock printing etc.

Drama - Possible Topics

Playwrights: Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams,  Oscar Wilde etc.

Theatre: Abbey Theatre, Experimental Theatre, French Theatre, Globe Theatre, Kabuki Theatre, Kyogen Theatre, Punch and Judy.

Musical Theatre: Broadway, George Gershwin, Vaudeville

Drama: American Drama, British Drama, Chinese Drama, Folk, Greek Tragedy, Historical Drama, Miracle and Mystery Play

Other: Method Acting, Mime, Puppetry, Specific Actors

Music - Possible Topics

Types of Music: Blues, Classical, Disco, Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Religious Music, Reggae, R & B

Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Keyboard & Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass.

Vocals: Pop, Opera/Classical, Rock, Country, Blues/Jazz, Adult Contemporary

Other: Bagpipes, The Beatles, Popular Artists, Vienna Boys Choir..


Musical Explorers from Around the World

To use Musical Explorers Around the World students simply have to click on one of the large placemarks on the map. When clicked, each placemark reveals a musician or two from that place, the music they make, and the instruments they use. Each placemark contains a video featuring the musicians explaining a little bit about themselves and their music. Each of the placemarks on the map also contains audio files to listen to full songs performed by the musicians on the map. 

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