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Innovation Project: Home

How can innovations combat global warming?


Day One

PowerPoint Presentation

1) Review Assignment

2) Collection & Organization of Information

Note-taking (From Articles & YouTube Clips etc.)

3) Resources


  • Image result for follett destiny image  Books


3) Pick an Innovation to Research

  • Existing
  • Your Own

By the time you come to your next class you should have made a decision on which innovation you would like to research

Day Two

1) How do you cite a YouTube clip?

Practice Sheet

MLA 8 - Citing a Video on a Web Site

2) Continue to research and creating digital note cards.


1) Note-Taking
2) Citing a YouTube Clip
3) Review Resources


Citation Practice - YouTube


Smog Free Tower

The Smog Free Project is a series of urban innovations led by Daan Roosegaarde to reduce pollution and provide an inspirational experience of a clean future. 

Thailand Pollution (AQI)

Air Pollution in Thailand: Real-Time Air Quality Index Visual Map

Bangkok Pollution (AQI)

Bangkok Air Pollution : Real-Time Air Quality Index 

Food / Cooking

Beyond Meat



Carbon Engineering

Power Generation

Cow Backpacks in Argentina

Backpacks for cows collect their fart gas and convert it to energy.

No sun, no problem:  New solar panels derive power from raindrops

Scientists have invented a new solar panel that can also create electricity from falling rain.  The panels produce power even when skies cloud over or the sun has set.