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Mars - Extension Project: Home

Science Inquiry is the process of asking questions and using evidence to create logical explanations.


Colonize Mars: Pick a topic related to Mars eg: Rockets, Tides, Moon Phases, Gravity, Orbits, Space travel, Satellites 



STEP ONE - Getting Ready

1) Review Assignment

2) How will you Collect and Organize your Information?

Digital Notecards

3) Brainstorm ideas as you begin your inquiry? What do you know?  What do you want to know? Create a Mind Map as you are reading to help you decide where you want to focus your research.

Research Packet - Begin Your Inquiry

Identify Keywords/Phrases to summarize the information.

Keyword: A significant word, or a word used to find information when researching.

Phrase: A small group of words which work together as a unit.

4) Resources: 

  • Encyclopedia Britannica - Background Knowledge
  • Books - Background Knowledge
  • Newsela - Newspaper Articles
  • Websites - Organization/Articles
  • YouTube - Media clips


1) Continue to do the following:

  • Brainstorm Topics (go to Enc. Brit, YouTube, WWW etc to review topic)
  • Add information to your mind map

2) If you haven't already done so - decide on your topic

3)  What are some things to consider when reading and beginning to take notes? 


  • Skim and scan to identify if the source is going to be helpful to you.
  • If it will be helpful then close reading and understanding is required to identify main ideas
  • You will then need to summarize. This helps you understand the material. 
  • Summarize 3 or 4 sentences at a time.
  • Make sure you cite every fact you use.



What is a Summary?

A brief statement or account of the main points of something.  An overview of what the text means. Shorter than that original.

Versus paraphrasing which expresses the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.  Exactly the same ideas as the original but put into your own words.

Why Summarise?

It teaches you how to decide on the most important ideas in a text and how to ignore irrelevant information.  A summary is shorter than the original and gives an overview of a topic.

How to Summarise? 

  • Highlight the main ideas in the text  (do not include any minor details)
  • Combine these ideas together in a paragraph or use bullet points
  • Be careful to explain the original
  • Do not include your own opinion or add extra information
  • Remember to cite your source using a recognized referencing format



An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.

Infographic Examplar

Free Infographic Makers

1) Piktochart: Create Infographics, Presentations & Flyers for free

Create beautiful infographics, flyers, posters, presentations and reports easily with absolutely no design experience. 
2) Canva: Bring facts to Life with Canva's free Infographic Maker



Intro Video

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