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What can we do to combat prejudice and reduce discrimination in our world?

Why do prejudice and discrimination exist? How do prejudice and discrimination impact people?

Is Society adequately addressing discrimination in your chosen topic?



Assignment: Investigate a case of discrimination, describe the causes, effects, response/solutions.  You may choose from one of the following: 

  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Refugee
  • Indigenous People

Please note the Social Studies Research Rubric.

English - NF Reading Guide

Day One

1) How will you collect and organize your information?

  NoodleTools (NT)


  • Create a Project: Your Name - Topic
  • Citation Level: MLA - Junior
  • Share with your Teacher 

2) Background Information - Britannica

  • NoodleTools:
    • Create a citation (copy & paste)
    • Create a notecard - Title = Background
    • Find 3 or 4 sentences in Britannica and copy and & into Direct Quote

Day Two

1) Resource - Infobase Issues & Controversies

  • Open up database find an article
  • NT: Create citation & Notecard
  • Review Notecard
  • NT: Review Outline

2) Identify Keywords/Phrases to summarize the information.

  • Keyword: A significant word, or a word used to find information when researching.
  • Phrase: A small group of words that work together as a unit.

Once you have identified a source, in-depth reading for understanding is required.

3) Paraphrasing 

  • The Do's & Don'ts of Paraphrasing

4) NT Create an Outline

Day Three

1) Resource - EBSCO (scholarly journal articles)

2) Resource - Newsbank (current newspaper articles)


Gather your information

  • Cite the source at the beginning so you don't forget later and can trace the information back to the origin.
  • Identify causes, effects, and responses in the source to support your topic.
  • Remember everything you use needs to be traced back to the original source.




What kind of information do you need?

ISB Databases

Background information 

  Enc. Britannica


  • Type in your main topic 
  • Go to level 3 for more in-depth information

In-depth Information

  Infobase - Issues & Controversies


  • Look in List of All Topics
  • Note there are also Primary Sources​​



  • Full Text is checked
  • Change date range for the most recent articles
  • Determine the type of resources you want 
  • Change the Lexile (reading) level if necessary

Current Information








NoodleTools Instructional Videos

NoodleTools Examples

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