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Happiness and the Pursuit of a Meaningful Life: Home

Library Research Process

Day One

1. Introduction to the Assignment

2. Review possible topics of interest

  • Take time to review a variety of resources
  • Decide on your top 3 subtopics

Day Two

1. How are you going to collect and organize your information?

  • ISB eNotes (see your Google Classroom for Link)
    • Make a copy
    • Change the name to include your first and last name

2) What questions do you have?

  • Think about one of the sub-topics you are interested in exploring
  • Pick one topic eg. Flow
  • Brainstorm questions you have regarding your topic
  • Ways to Brainstorm:
    • Mind Map
    • Write a list
    • Doodle 
    • Whatever works for you.

3) Where are you going to locate/find information on your topic?

  • Websites
  • Databases (newspaper, magazine, and journal articles)
  • You Tube

Model Finding Finding & Evaluating Information (Book & Website)

Day Three

1) Continue to research:

  • Websites
  • Newsbank
  • Health Reference Center Online

2) How you do know if the Website is good?

  • Evaluate the Site using the CRAAP Test!

Possible Topics

  • The brain and happiness

  • Positive psychology

  • Gratitude, compassion, mindfulness and meditation, and practicing happiness

  • Kindness

  • Community

  • Play

  • Flow

  • Trying something new and doing what you love to do

  • What is happiness dependent upon (Genetics, intentional behavior, circumstances)? 

  • The hedonic treadmill, values, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

  • Altruism

  • Friendship and Family

  • Movement and exercise



Happiness and the Hedonic Treadmill

(Click on the heading above to open clip)


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