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MS Writer's Fest: Non-Fiction: All About.., Recipe, How to.., Jouralism, Mini Bio, Pers. Narrative, Reviews, Travel


1) All About... - (1 'All About ...' article)

Providing expert information on a certain topic.

2) Cook Book - (2-3 Recipes)

A collection of recipes and associated information regarding the preparation and cooking of food


3) Hacks (How To) - (1 Hack)

Writing that explains, with a detailed description, how-to-do, make, use, fix, repair, or accomplish something. The books in the how-to genre are meant to help non-experts perform specific tasks.

4) Journalism - (1 Article)


Writing that informs and educates about newsworthy topics or current events, characterized by a presentation of facts or description of events.





Feature Article


News Story



5) Personal Narrative - (1 Narrative)


A non-fiction work based on opinion, experience, and/or emotion that explores a topic or event of importance to the author.



6) Profile (mini Biography) - (1 Biography)

Short biographical writing of a person to highlight what makes the person different or important.



7) Reviews - (2-3 Reviews)


Writing in which someone gives their opinion of something such as a new book, movie, or album.

8) Travel Guide - (1 City Guide)

Information on landmarks, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, and activities about a certain place written for visitors.





Personal Narrative

Help Box

Books - Biographies

Books - 'How to ...', Travel, cooking etc.