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ISB Main Library: Bangkok Book Awards


These new titles are coming to the ISB MS/HS Library soon!!!

About Bangkok Book Awards

The Bangkok Book Awards are run by a group of international school librarians in Bangkok. The award is designed to celebrate excellence in children's global literature and create a shared local community of enthusiastic readers.

The Awards program has four categories:

  • Picture Books
  • Young Reader Books
  • Junior Books
  • Young Adult Books

The books which are shortlisted have been published in the last 5 years and promote diversity of author, theme, genre, setting and narrative style. We hope there is something for everyone to discuss, debate and enjoy.

The following criteria were used to help the shortlisting panel to arrive at a balanced selection of books:

  • Books first published in English in 2014 or later
  • First books in a series
  • Fiction: unrealistic, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Realistic (a variety of genres), non-fiction
  • Variety of formats: poetry, graphic, verse, short stories
  • Geographical: author's origin, country of publication, the setting of the story
  • Diversity: gender, race, culture, ability
  • Translation
  • Global, social issues
  • Thailand or Asian connection


Nicky Singer - The Island

Junior Books - arriving in your library soon

Blue bottle mystery : an Asperger adventure : the graphic novel

This graphic novel re-telling of Kathy Hoopmann's best-selling Blue Bottle Mystery brings the much-loved fantasy story to life for a new generation of readers. The hero is Ben, a boy with Asperger Syndrome (AS). When Ben and his friend Andy find an old bottle in the school yard, little do they know of the surprises about to be unleashed in their lives. Bound up with this exciting mystery is the story of how Ben is diagnosed with AS and how he and his family deal with the problems and joys that come along with it.



Do You Speak Chocolate? Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson

But I just knew.'Jaz has found the best way to make friends with new girl Nadima, who doesn't speak any English - by offering her a chocolate bar. Nadima grins and offers back some Turkish Delight, the ice is broken, and a special friendship begins ...



Kick by Mitch Johnson

Budi's going to be a star. He's going to play football, instead of sweating over each football boot he makes. But one unlucky kick brings his world crashing down. Now he owes the Dragon, the most dangerous man in Jakarta. Soon it's not just Budi's dreams at stake, but his life. A story about dreaming big and not letting anything stand in your way.



The Black Lotus by Kieran Fanning

Ghost, Cormac and Kate are junior recruits of the Black Lotus, a school for ninjas. When a powerful weapon is stolen, the three must battle through sixteenth-century Japan and present-day New York to stop a power-hungry shogun from destroying the city.


cover_imageTwo truths and a lie : it's alive! by Ammi-Joan Paquette 
Presents some of the most crazy-but-true stories about the living world as well as a handful of stories that are too crazy to be true--and asks readers to separate facts from the fake



What Elephants Know y Eric Dinerstein
Abandoned in the jungle of the Nepalese Borderlands, two-year-old Nandu is found living under the protective watch of a pack of wild dogs. From his mysterious beginnings, fate delivers him to the King's elephant stable, where he is raised by unlikely parents-the wise head of the stable, Subba-sahib, and Devi Kali, a fierce and affectionate female elephant.


Young Adult Books

cover_imageFish Girl by Donna Jo Napoli and David Weisner

The triple Caldecott winner David Wiesner brings his rich visual imagination and trademark artistry to the graphic novel format in a unique coming-of-age tale that begins underwater. A young mermaid, called Fish Girl, in a boardwalk aquarium, has a chance encounter with an ordinary girl. Their growing friendship inspires Fish Girl's longing for freedom, independence, and a life beyond the aquarium tank. Sparkling with humor and brilliantly visualized, Fish Girl's story will resonate with every young person facing the challenges and rewards of growing up.
Island by Nicky Singer
Cameron travels unwillingly to Herschel Island in the Arctic with his scientist mother.  He's prepared for ice and storms and, stripped of his smart technology, possible boredom. But he's not prepared for 24-hour daylight and erupting graves!  His experiences there lead to him 'seeing things in a different light' literally and figuratively.
One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

"When the creator of a high school gossip app mysteriously dies in front of four high-profile students all four become suspects. It's up to them to solve the case"--Provided by publisher.

This book contains mature content as well as exploring sensitive issues pertaining to health, well-being, and suicide. We recommend that it is read in the context of a supportive family or school framework, enabling the sensitive discussion of these topics. 


Railhead by Philip Reeve
The Great Network is an ancient web of routes and gates, where sentient trains can take you anywhere in the galaxy in the blink of an eye. Zen Starling is a nobody. A petty thief from the filthy streets of Thunder City who aimlessly rides the rails of the Network. So when the mysterious stranger Raven offers Zen a chance to escape the squalor of the city and live the rest of his days in luxury, Zen can’t believe his luck
The Girl From Aleppo by Nujeen Mustafa and Christine Lamb
Prize-winning journalist and the co-author of smash New York Times bestseller I Am Malala,Christina Lamb, now tells the inspiring true story of another remarkable young hero: Nujeen Mustafa, a teenager born with cerebral palsy, whose harrowing journey from war-ravaged Syria to Germany in a wheelchair is a breathtaking tale of fortitude, grit, and hope that lends a face to the greatest humanitarian issue of our time, the Syrian refugee crisis.
The River and the Book by Alison Groggon
Combing magical realism and fable, the lyrical tale is the story of a landscape and community destroyed by Western greed. From the internationally bestselling author of the high fantasy series The Books of Pellinor comes a powerful story about the exploitation of indigenous people by the First World. Endorsed by Amnesty International as contributing to a better understanding of human rights.